fotoHotel La Pergola is an antique colonial house built in the XIXth century that we have restored conserving the characteristic of the wonderful houses of Granada.


Hotel La Pérgola is located in the historic center of Granada, know as the “ Gran Sultana “, an easy three blocks walk to the “Parque Central “ and only four blocks from the “ Gran Lago “. The street which feature most popular restaurants by our gests. The walking street La Calzada is also just one block away.

Hotel La Pérgola offers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Our guests enjoy excellent personally attention and comfortable rooms situated around a tropical colonial garden. The hotel was formally built as a 19th century colonial home. The terrace or “ Pérgola” offers views of the Granada Cathedral and the Mombacho Volcano. Join us for relaxing moonlight nights fresh breeze.



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Hotel La Pérgola
Calle el Caimito, de la Alcaldía Municipal, 3 cuadras al Lago
Granada, Nicaragua
Telefax (505) 2552 - 4221